You don't need a website, community or an online presence.
You need a solution for which the former are merely tools.

Websites that make sense

for the goals you have in mind

Vox Populi

for your Community

Finding your Why

and help you monitize it

Your MVP first & fast

any nice-to-have in Agile planning


your stories


you to not need me


what your customers ACTUALLY need

Boosting your business

so you profit on my services


In know Verdi as a very dedicated, fast learning, loyal and integer personality. With passion for his work he is always searching in an honest and direct way for the right solutions to solve customer’s problems, rather than to quick-sell a product. His excellent creativity, good communication skills and a strong feeling for long term relationships makes him valuable asset for his customers.
Verdi is an open and honest guy who will always give you his opinion in a no nonsense way without forgetting to work with you towards the best possible solution. He values his work and together with his dedication and integrity will always try to leave you with a smile.
When faced with a challenge, he is such a creative thinker that in most situations he can think of a practical plan to solve it. With his warm and friendly character with a great amount of humour on top, he can take a negative and turn it into a positive.
People with the right skills and the appropriate communication abilities are hard to find. Verdi has proven to have both. He enables (new) processes and(!) the necessary follow-up. He provides feedback and shows great analyses capabilities.
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